Who are SBliminal Clothing?

SBliminal Clothing is brought to you by two lifelong friends, Ben and Dan who each share a passion for illustration, creativity and unique style. 


For us the SBliminal brand is born out of our idea and passion that life is about definition not decoration. Put simply, nobody can tell you who you are or what to do and we want to bring to the life the importance of our #beyoubehappy movement and to promote mental health awareness. 


We believe that as an individual you should feel empowered to look however you want to look and we have made it our mission with the help of our creative partner @Joeyzeki to bring to life many of our unique designs and ideas for you to enjoy.


Our challenge for you is to ‘Defy Description’ and as ever, #beyoubehappy. 


We hope and trust you find our clothing range appealing and find something you care to purchase. 


Please, remember to tag us in your photos wearing the clothing, it means the world! 


Best wishes,


Ben & Dan